Sunday, May 16, 2010

As a Power Wash Professional and PWNC Network Associate, we are conscious of the environmental concerns when cleaning.
The PWNC is taking steps to insure their Network Associates are not only aware of, but are educated in the Best Management Practices, methods, and techniques that allow their professional members to clean efficiently, effectively, and stay compliant with current regulations.
For more information about PWNC Network Associates and about their Environmentally Certified Contractors visit .

Another dry living space was created under this deck by installing DrySnap.
Palmetto Home & Deck is a Certified DrySnap installer. Whether you call them under deck rain drainage systems, Dryspace below decking systems, or underdecking systems, we have have installed several underdecking systems available and we have found DrySnap to be very attractive and one of the driest systems we have worked with.