Thursday, November 12, 2009

Homeowners attempt to strip their deck

Often a homeowner, in an attempt to save money, will attempt to do their own home maintenance in an effort to save money. This is understandable, but unfortunately a pressure washer can cause a lot of damage to your valuable property if not done correctly. Using high pressure to strip stains or paint from your deck is a certain way to destroy the surface of the very wood you are trying to improve.

I received a call from the homeowner of this deck, that once they got started, soon realized that they were getting into trouble. Palmetto Home & Deck LLC come out and applied an Eco-friendly paint stripper to the remainder of the deck and safely removed the solid floor and porch paint using safe and safe low pressure cleaning techniques. We also performed some heavy duty sanding on the damaged portions of the wood which saved the owner a lot of expense by not having to have his deck boards replaced.

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