Thursday, November 12, 2009

Proper wood cleaning before sealing

Before any deck is stained , it first needs to be properly cleaned to remove the grayed and decomposed matter that is on top of your wood's surface. If it has been previously stained and depending on the product, the old stain may need to be removed back to new wood before a new stain can be applied to the wood as well.
In this case the wood had never had a stain applied to it, but was only old and gray looking. To remove this old dead wood Palmetto Home & Deck applied our special wood cleaner to the wood and then followed up with a low pressure wash. A low pressure washing along with the right cleaning solutions is generally all that is needed to clean most wood.

You can see the vast difference between the wood that has been cleaned and the wood that hasn't in this picture. Unfortunately, there are plenty contractors that will not properly clean the wood before staining it, but on which side do you think would produce the best results?

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